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Artist Profile

Having worked in many different styles for more than 30 years, I am greatly influenced by the fine furniture of the past and attempt to integrate many of its characteristics—mortise and tenon joinery, surface embellishments, fine finishes, and even traditional design elements—into the natural contours of the wood that I collect. Often, I incorporate sculptural or animal forms, but function, esthetics and craftsmanship are always my guidelines.

In contrast to the flawless surfaces I sought in my earlier work, I now emphasize the natural aspects of wood. Knots, burls, insect holes, mineral streaks, spalting, and checking are traits that give each piece a highly individual character.

I take great care in seasoning and drying the wood I collect to ensure the stability and structural integrity of each completed piece. My finishes are carefully applied and hand-rubbed to a warm, satiny luster.

Artist Bio

A North Carolina native, Nathan Rose grew up in Charlotte and graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He spent the next 20 years in theatrical and exhibitory shops in California and Alaska building sets, props and furniture in a multitude of styles, as well as contemporary exhibits and displays. Missing the South and following a passion to build furniture of his own design, Nathan returned to Charlotte and started Rose Woodworks, specializing in custom furniture and cabinetry.

While residing in the abundantly forested mountains of northwest North Carolina in the mid 1990s, Nathan began collecting and working with wood in its natural form.  This is now the primary focus of his furniture.

Nathan is a proud member of the following organizations:

The Furniture Society,
American Craft Council,
Carolina Designer Craftsmen,

Rose Woodworks
Rose Woodworks

My studio and showroom are located in a former textile mill in Belmont, NC.  With more room than I need, I have shared it over the years with other artists. 

The ample space and associated storage buildings have allowed me to pursue my passion for collecting trees.  Most are hardwoods from the Charlotte area and west to the Appalachians.  The majority are felled by storms and developers and thus saved from the landfill or chipper.  A good percentage of my commissions involve the reuse of a cherished tree from an individual's own property.

A local bandmiller saws my logs into slabs which I then stack in  storage buildings along with stumps and branches to air dry for a period of six months to several years.  The wood chosen for interior pieces is then further dried in my kiln to ensure stability and structural integrity.

I like the juxtaposition of smooth and textured surfaces and usually incorporate some form of carving into my work.  My finishes vary according to the intended use and placement of the piece but are always hand-rubbed to a warm, satiny luster.


Grovewood Gallery in Asheville, NC

Wickwire Gallery in Hendersonville, NC

Lake James Art and Spirit in Nebo, NC


Speaking in Species, 2013
Green Hill Center for Art, Greensboro, NC

Something Old, Something New, 2012
Cabarrus Arts Council, Concord, NC

Observations & Conclusions, 2011
Cleveland County Arts Council, Shelby, NC

Shavings and Thrums, 2010
Cleveland County Arts Council, Shelby, NC

Handmade in America, 2010
NC Botanical Gardens, Asheville, NC

Come Sit a Spell, 2010
Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens, Belmont, NC

Dual Personalities: Multifunctional Contemporary Furniture, 2009
Grovewood Gallery, Asheville, NC

Diverse Works, 2007
NC Music Factory, Charlotte, NC

Form, Function, Fantasy: Furniture as Art, 2007
The Arts Center, Shelby, NC

Diverse Works, 2006
Sharon Corners Artspace, Charlotte, NC

Carolina Designer Craftsmen: Member Works, 2005
Cedar Creek Gallery, Creedmoor, NC

Lignea: An Invitational Wood Exhibition, 2004
Rocky Mount Arts Center, Rocky Mount, NC

Rituals, 2004
breathe artspace in Davidson, NC

Handcrafted, 2004
Rocky Mount Arts Center, Rocky Mount, NC

Around the Looking Glass, 2003
Wharton Esherick Museum, Paoli, PA

Handcrafted, 2003
Rocky Mount Arts Center, Rocky Mount, NC

Furniture as Art, 2002
Jasper Arts Center, Jasper, IN

Spotlight 2002
American Craft Council Southeast, Longwood College, VA

Handcrafted, 2001
Rocky Mount Arts Center, Rocky Mount, NC

Artistry in Wood, 2000
Domont Studio Gallery, Indianapolis, IN

Other Work
Other Work

I encountered many construction challenges during my tenure in those scenery and exhibit shops.  I also got to create an amazing array of objects, large and small.  And while as a maker I prefer the scale and purpose of furniture, I have in recent years "branched out" again.  Having the space and the help of a few skilled artisans, I have been able to create an interesting array of functional objects for planned communities, camps, golf courses, and homes in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

Exterior projects have included entrance, street, trail, pool, and directional signs, mailboxes, tee box markers, flagpoles, information kiosks, lampposts, gates, fences, and arbors, even a wedding chuppah.  Interior and architectural elements have included mantels, stump vanities, cabinets, pedestals, recycling stations, and attached shelving.

Like my furniture, these projects are rendered mostly in wood in a natural style with thoughtful planning for functionality, esthetics, and durability. 



Rose Woodworks
6325 W. Wilkinson Blvd. Ste. D
Belmont, NC 28012